• July 10, 2024

National Moth Week Celebration at Quinta Mazatlán

National Moth Week Celebration at Quinta Mazatlán

Join us on July 20, 2024, for a special night event at Quinta Mazatlán World Birding Center to celebrate National Moth Week! This event promises to be a unique and enchanting experience for nature enthusiasts and families alike.

From 9 PM to midnight, explore the nocturnal wonders of our thornforest with dimly lit paths designed for a self-guided adventure. Discover the fascinating world of moths at our mothing stations and insect displays, where you can observe a variety of moth species up close.

In addition to the mothing activities, we will have moon viewing and leaf art activities in the courtyard. The moon viewing will provide a serene and beautiful opportunity to connect with the night sky, while the leaf art activities will allow you to engage your creativity and bring a piece of nature home with you.

The event has a nominal admission fee of $5 per person. Remember to bring your own flashlights to help illuminate your journey through the forest.

Don’t miss this magical night at Quinta Mazatlán World Birding Center! Celebrate National Moth Week with us and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of nature after dark.

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