• July 10, 2024

July 2024 is “National Parks & Recreation Month”

July 2024 is “National Parks & Recreation Month”

Commissioner Castillo has officially proclaimed July 2024 as “National Parks and Recreation Month,” recognizing the importance of parks and recreational activities in enhancing our community’s quality of life. This proclamation is a testament to the vital role that parks and recreation play in promoting health, wellness, and a sense of community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding McAllen Parks and Recreation team. Their unwavering commitment and dedication ensure that our city’s parks and recreational facilities are well-maintained, safe, and enjoyable for everyone. Their hard work allows residents and visitors alike to enjoy a wide range of activities, from sports and fitness programs to leisure and cultural events.

As we celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the beautiful parks and recreational opportunities that McAllen has to offer. Whether you’re looking to stay active, connect with nature, or spend quality time with family and friends, our parks and recreation programs provide the perfect setting.

Thank you to the McAllen Parks and Recreation team for their continuous efforts to enhance our city’s quality of life. Let’s all join in celebrating National Parks and Recreation Month and show our appreciation for the spaces and activities that bring us joy and well-being.

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