• June 29, 2024

Edinburg Communications & Media Department

Edinburg Communications & Media Department

Our Edinburg Communications & Media Department has captured state-wide attention! This year, at the prestigious Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) Awards, the department received the Award of Honor for a “Special or One-Time Video” for their exceptional piece on Sal del Rey. This recognition highlights the department’s dedication to excellence in public communication and storytelling.

The award-winning video, crafted by the talented videographer Juan Anzaldua, offers an in-depth and visually stunning portrayal of Sal del Rey, showcasing its significance and beauty. Anzaldua’s meticulous attention to detail and creative vision brought the story to life, making it a standout among the numerous entries submitted for the award.

City officials expressed their pride and appreciation for the department’s achievement. The accolade not only underscores the high standards of the Communications & Media Department but also emphasizes the importance of sharing compelling stories that resonate with the community and beyond. Through their work, the team has successfully highlighted the cultural and natural treasures of Edinburg, fostering a greater appreciation and awareness among residents and visitors alike.

The TAMIO Awards are highly competitive, drawing submissions from municipalities across the state. Winning the Award of Honor is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and professionalism of the Edinburg Communications & Media Department. This recognition reflects the team’s ability to produce high-quality content that engages and informs the public.

For those who have yet to experience this award-winning video, it is a must-see. The story of Sal del Rey is not just a local treasure but a piece of heritage that deserves wider recognition. The video captures the essence of this unique landmark, blending captivating visuals with insightful narration.

If you haven’t seen the cool story, check it out here. This achievement is a proud moment for Edinburg, and we look forward to more outstanding work from our Communications & Media Department in the future.

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