• June 29, 2024

City Recognizes Certified Public Managers

City Recognizes Certified Public Managers

The Pharr City Commission and City Manager Dr. Jonathan B. Flores recognized three directors who recently completed the rigorous 14-month Certified Public Managers course. Earning a Certified Public Manager certificate signifies a high level of professional achievement and dedication, demonstrating that the individual has acquired advanced skills and knowledge essential for effective public sector leadership and management.

Graduates of the program are Melanie Cano, Office of Strategic Excellence Director, Adolfo Garcia, Library Director, and Kenneth Ennis, Public Safety Communications Director. “We want to congratulate you on completing this long and rigorous program, and commend you for staying the course and demonstrating continued leadership for the City of Pharr,” said City Manager Dr. Flores.

“It was a great program, and even though it was challenging, it allowed us to look at new opportunities and enhance our leadership skills,” stated Melanie Cano. “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from other leaders throughout the state and also to network and share the many great things that we are doing here in the City of Pharr,” added Garcia.

“We congratulate you on this accomplishment, and we know you will apply everything you have learned towards making our City of Pharr continue to thrive,” added Mayor Hernandez.

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