• February 29, 2024

DHR Health Honors “National Donor Day”

DHR Health Honors “National Donor Day”
Local artist Yolanda Cantu meticulously crafted this artwork titled Gift of Life.

Edinburg, TX—DHR Health honors National Donor Day, which is annually observed on February 14, with the permanent installation of a captivating stained glass creation that will be a permanent installation housed in the hospital’s main lobby. Along with the artwork will be a kiosk featuring photos and stories about both living and deceased organ donors,  providing an impactful reminder  of their enduring legacy.

Local artist Yolanda Cantu meticulously crafted this artwork titled Gift of Life, to serve as a reminder of the profound generosity of organ donors and their families. With over 300 hours of work and over 8,000 hand-cut glass pieces, Yolanda Cantu’s piece is truly a labor of love. Measuring over nine feet wide and five feet tall, the artwork emanates richness and depth using kiln-fired and hand-painted glass enamel. Gift of Life honors the living and deceased organ donors with symbols found through the stained glass design such as the cardinal (representing the presence of angels), the frog (symbolizing renewal), the butterfly (embodying change and hope), and the dove (signifying love and peace).

“I truly enjoying working on this special stained glass art piece knowing the significance of the items that were added at the suggestion of DHR Health staff and family members of organ donors,” said Mrs. Cantu. “I hope when someone looks at it they will get a sense of peace and calmness. I hope it makes people think and reflect,” added Mrs. Cantu.

As a tribute to the heroes of the Rio Grande Valley who have given the extraordinary gift of life through organ donation, a special kiosk will proudly stand next to the art installation, inviting the public to pause and reflect. The interactive kiosk will display heartwarming and inspiring biographies preserving the selfless acts of donors who have so profoundly impacted the lives of others. Alongside these tributes, the kiosk will also offer information regarding “myths” surrounding organ donation and address frequently asked questions from non-profit organization, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance. Additionally, the kiosk facilitates easy registration for those moved to carry on the spirit of giving by becoming organ donors.

Funds for the artwork were raised by DHR Health employees in commemoration of the hospital’s 20th anniversary in 2023.

Celebrating its 7th year, the DHR Health Transplant Institute provides kidney transplants and, as of this year, 2024, provides liver transplantation services. With a multidisciplinary team dedicated to compassionate care, the institute ensures patients receive the comprehensive support they need for a new chance at life.

“It is with great gratitude that DHR Health unveils this beautiful artwork, emphasizing the life-saving impact of organ donation and the enduring commitment of hospital staff and the DHR Health Transplant Institute to compassion, healing, and community,” said Marissa Castañeda, DHR Health Senior Executive Vice President. “We have been wanting to do this project for some time and we want to thank Mrs. Cantu for helping us achieve this goal and truly create such a special piece.”


The art piece, “Gift of Life”, made by local artist Yolanda Cantu, (picture center) shows symbols representing organ donors’ kindness. Pictured with Mrs. Cantu are Marissa Castaneda, DHR Health Senior Executive Vice President, Dr. Jose L. Almeda, Director of the DHR Health Transplant Institute with DHR Health employees and members of the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance.

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