• June 14, 2024

Spotlighting Our Collections at Mission Historical Museum

Spotlighting Our Collections at Mission Historical Museum

At the Mission Historical Museum, we are proud to showcase unique artifacts that capture the rich history of our region. One such item in our collection is a film reel secured within a metal film reel case. This reel contains outtakes from the 1979 movie *She Came to the Valley*, based on Missionite Cleo Dawson’s novel of the same name.

The film tells the compelling story of Willy Westall, a determined woman who relocates to Mission, Texas, in search of a better life. Set against the backdrop of the frontier and the Mexican Revolution, Willy faces numerous challenges that test her resilience. As she navigates the difficulties of frontier life and the upheaval brought by the revolution, her quest for prosperity and stability becomes a gripping tale of perseverance and strength.

We invite you to visit the Mission Historical Museum to see this fascinating piece of cinematic history and learn more about the stories that have shaped our community.

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