• March 15, 2024

Sole Survivor of Fatal Helicopter Crash in Recovery

Sole Survivor of Fatal Helicopter Crash in Recovery
Sgt. Jacob Pratt- Facebook

A National Guard helicopter crashed last Friday in La Grulla, Texas, claiming the lives of three individuals and leaving one fighting for survival. Among the fallen were National Guard soldiers Casey Frankoski and John Grassia, along with Christopher Luna, a Valley Border Patrol agent from Edinburg. The lone survivor, National Guardsman Aircraft Crew Chief Jacob Pratt, continues his battle for recovery.

Jacob Pratt, currently hospitalized at the South Texas Health System Hospital in McAllen, has endured severe injuries from the crash, including multiple broken bones and fractures in his back, ribs, leg, and pelvis. Despite the immense challenges he faces, Jacob’s family remains hopeful for his progress. They shared an update on Tuesday, revealing that Jacob was undergoing another surgery with the aspiration of being removed from the ventilator later in the week.

The Pratt family, hailing from upstate New York, has traveled to the Rio Grande Valley to be by Jacob’s side during this trying time. In a heartwarming display of support, the NYS Council of School Superintendents organized a GoFundMe page to aid the Pratt family with the mounting medical expenses.

Meanwhile, the City of Edinburg honored the fallen Border Patrol agent and National Guard soldiers with a candlelight vigil, showcasing the unity and strength of the community in the face of adversity.

As investigations into the cause of the tragic accident continue, Victor Escalon, the Texas Department of Public Safety South Texas Regional Director, clarified that the helicopter was not part of Governor Greg Abbott’s border security initiative, Operation Lone Star.

While the details surrounding the crash remain under investigation, the focus remains on supporting Jacob Pratt in his fight for recovery and honoring the memory of those lost in this devastating event.

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