• April 1, 2024

Rene Luna, MD, celebrates 1,000th Robotic Surgical Procedure

Rene Luna, MD, celebrates 1,000th Robotic Surgical Procedure
Dr. Rene Luna, a distinguished expert in Robotic Surgical Gynecology, celebrated the milestone of completing his 1,000th robotic surgical procedure on March 20, 2024. Pictured center, with his white coat on, is Dr. Luna with the proud DHR Health surgical tech team.

Edinburg, Texas— Dr. Rene Luna, an esteemed Robotic Surgical Gynecology Specialist, proudly commemorated the successful completion of his 1,000th robotic surgical case on March 20, 2024. This milestone was achieved through the utilization of the Da Vinci Surgical System available at DHR Health’s Women’s Hospital located in Edinburg. Dr. Luna is considered one of the most experienced robotic surgery experts in Texas.

Starting his medical career in 2013 in Houston, Dr. Luna’s commitment to excellence led him to the Rio Grande Valley in the Fall of 2015. Since then, he has steadfastly delivered exceptional medical care, garnering trust from his patients. Dr. Luna’s achievement of this milestone in such a brief period is a testament to his dedication and exceptional skill.

“I feel deeply honored and privileged to serve the women of our community. Central to my practice philosophy is the cultivation of a strong doctor-patient relationship, founded upon open communication and empathy. I am dedicated to addressing both the immediate and long-term health needs of my patients,” said Dr. Luna.

He highlighted the significant advantages of his robotic procedures, emphasizing the swift recovery and minimal discomfort experienced by patients, who are often discharged on the same day to recuperate in the comfort of their homes. Dr. Luna’s private practice, “Luna Obgyn,” is located at 501 Savannah Avenue in McAllen. He also performs robotic surgery cases at DHR Health’s newest hospital in north Brownsville.

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