• June 28, 2024

Reaffirmation of Sister City Agreement in San Luis Potosí

Reaffirmation of Sister City Agreement in San Luis Potosí

In a significant step towards strengthening international ties, McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos signed a Reaffirmation of Sister City Agreement today in San Luis Potosí, SLP., Mexico. This momentous event not only reaffirms a decade of friendship with San Luis Potosí but also highlights the mutual benefits of the Sister City relationship.

Established on June 6, 2014, the Sister City alliance between McAllen and San Luis Potosí was founded with the vision of connecting both communities and fostering exchanges in culture, social affairs, education, business, and best practices. Over the past ten years, this relationship has enriched both cities, creating a strong bond of cooperation and shared growth.

The Reaffirmation of the Sister City Agreement took place at San Luis Potosí’s City Hall, where San Luis Potosí Interim Mayor Alexandra Daniela Cid Gonzalez and her cabinet warmly welcomed the McAllen delegation. The event was a productive exchange of best practices and experiences, setting the stage for future joint projects.

Mayor Villalobos expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in addressing common challenges and enhancing the quality of life in both communities. The reaffirmation ceremony underscored the commitment of both cities to work together in areas that benefit their citizens and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures.

This renewed agreement is expected to bring about more collaborative efforts and initiatives, further solidifying the bond between McAllen and San Luis Potosí. Both cities look forward to the opportunities this partnership will bring in the coming years.

The City of McAllen is proud of its ongoing relationship with San Luis Potosí and is excited to see the positive impacts of this reaffirmation on both communities.

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