• June 22, 2024

National Gun Violence Awareness Month

National Gun Violence Awareness Month

In a significant step towards community safety, the Edinburg City Council has officially recognized June as National Gun Violence Awareness Month, following a request by the South Texas Health System. This proclamation aims to raise awareness about the impact of gun violence and promote efforts towards creating a safer environment for everyone.

Gun violence remains a critical issue affecting communities nationwide. By dedicating June to this cause, Edinburg joins a broader movement to highlight the urgent need for action and dialogue. The support from the South Texas Health System underscores the importance of healthcare and community organizations in addressing this public health concern.

As we observe National Gun Violence Awareness Month, let’s come together to advocate for change, support survivors, and implement strategies that enhance safety. Raising awareness is the first step in working towards a community where everyone can feel secure and protected.

Together, we can make a difference. Let’s stand united in our efforts to reduce gun violence and build a safer future for all.

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