• May 11, 2024

Mayor Cowen’s Inaugural State Of The City Address

Mayor Cowen’s Inaugural State Of The City Address

Brownsville Mayor John Cowen Jr. delivered his inaugural State of the City Address on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. The highly anticipated event took place at the prestigious TSC Performing Arts Center in Brownsville.

The event drew an audience of 800, comprising mayors, stakeholders, and students, Cowen’s address provided a comprehensive overview of the city’s current status, achievements, and plans.

Cowen was elected into office on May 6, 2023. He was elected in 2019 as Commissioner at-large “A” position.

Among the topics covered were key accomplishments from the past year, including advancements in economic development, enhancements to public safety measures, progress on critical infrastructure projects, initiatives in education and social services, strides in environmental sustainability, and the vibrant cultural events that have enriched the community.

Cowen discussed what was happening at Port of Brownsville with it being a juggernaut for economic development, with the innovations it is experiencing with the Rio Grande LNG and Texas LNG projects.

The mayor also talked about the expansion happening at Starbase and rocket launches that continue. He discussed the revitalization of downtown Brownsville and many quality-of-life projects that remain ahead.

Hosted by the esteemed Brownsville Chamber of Commerce, the State of the City Address served as a significant opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the progress achieved over the past year. It underscored the commitment of local leadership to transparency in governance and accountability to its citizens.

As the city eagerly awaited Mayor Cowen’s address, anticipation was high for insights into the vision and priorities that will shape Brownsville’s future trajectory. The event not only provided a platform for Mayor Cowen to communicate directly with the public and stakeholders but also exemplified the collaborative spirit that drives progress and prosperity in Brownsville.

For those unable to attend in person, the City of Brownsville provided live streaming of the State of the City Address, ensuring that residents near and far could participate in this pivotal moment in the city’s journey.

The mayor’s State of the City address can be viewed here.

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