• June 1, 2024

Governor Abbott Statement On TEA’s Open Education Resource Instructional Materials

Governor Abbott Statement On TEA’s Open Education Resource Instructional Materials

Office of the Texas Governor | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement in support of the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) new open education resource (OER) instructional materials that were unveiled this morning:

“Last year, the Texas Legislature passed and I signed a law that directed the Texas Education Agency to purchase and develop instructional materials that will bring students back to the basics of education and provide the necessary fundamentals in math, reading, science, and other core subjects. The materials will also allow our students to better understand the connection of history, art, community, literature, and religion on pivotal events like the signing of the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Movement, and the American Revolution. I thank the TEA for their work to ensure our students receive a robust educational foundation to succeed so that we can build a brighter Texas for generations to come.”

These high-quality instructional materials will go through the same review process at the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) as all other instructional materials. Beginning next year, school districts will receive additional state funding if they choose to buy SBOE-approved materials. If OER is approved by SBOE, and districts opt to use the OER materials, a second stream of additional funding will be made available to defray printing costs. The OER will be available online for free to everyone, allowing parents and families to access quality educational materials aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for their children.

Governor Abbott last year signed House Bill 1605 into law, which requires TEA to provide OER for core subjects in key grades, including reading and math for Pre-K to 8th grade. This law also directed TEA to appoint an advisory board to ensure the materials are of the highest quality and compliant with suitability requirements.

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