• May 1, 2024

Exploring Neurofeedback Intervention: A Virtual Workshop by NIMH

Exploring Neurofeedback Intervention: A Virtual Workshop by NIMH

Unlock the potential of neurofeedback (NF) intervention development for mental disorders at the May 2nd virtual workshop hosted by the National Institute of Mental Health’s Division of Translational Research. This groundbreaking event (taking place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET) will convene leading researchers and federal officials to delve into the state of the science, focusing on real-time fMRI approaches.

This engaging program will showcase recent advancements in early treatment development and later efficacy and effectiveness trials, shedding light on regulatory issues pertinent to device-based interventions like NF. Through panel presentations and dynamic discussions, participants will navigate the landscape of NF development, identifying both new opportunities and challenges.

Join us for this illuminating workshop, designed to foster collaboration and innovation in the field of neurofeedback intervention. The event is free and open to both the scientific community and the public.

Secure your spot by registering for the event through this link. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to contribute to the future of mental health interventions through neurofeedback technology.

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