• June 27, 2024

Edinburg Teen Police Academy

Edinburg Teen Police Academy

The Edinburg Teen Police Academy is in full swing! This exciting program provides local teens with a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in various aspects of law enforcement. Participants have engaged in activities such as mock traffic stops, using radar guns, and learning handcuffing techniques. These exercises are designed to give them a realistic understanding of the daily responsibilities and challenges faced by officers in the Edinburg Police Department.

The teens have shown remarkable dedication and enthusiasm throughout the program. They are not only learning about the technical skills required for the job but also about the importance of community service and building trust with the public. The academy aims to inspire and educate these young individuals, potentially guiding them towards future careers in law enforcement.

By participating in the Teen Police Academy, these aspiring officers are developing a sense of responsibility and leadership. The Edinburg Police Department is proud to support and mentor the next generation of law enforcement professionals, fostering a safer and more informed community.

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