• March 14, 2024

CycloBia “Cycling the Streets”

CycloBia “Cycling the Streets”

What better way to kick off spring than with a bike ride without having to worry about vehicular traffic?

CycloBia “Cycling the Streets’’ in Brownsville is set to bring a fun-filled experience for the entire family, pets included, but please keep them on leashes and remember to pick up after them. The event is scheduled for Friday, March 22, 2024, starting at 6:30 PM.

It will kick off on East 7th Street, which will be temporarily closed to traffic between East Ringgold Street and East Taylor Street.

CycloBia is a non-competitive event designed to be a family-friendly event, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for parents and children to cycle through the streets of Brownsville. There is no beginning or end. Participants can enter and exit the route at any point, and individuals requiring handicap-accessible areas can enter from any point. You don’t have to register, just show up.

During the event, residents can enjoy a variety of recreational and sporting activities such as walking, biking, skating, running, and skateboarding without the worry of vehicular traffic.

Streets used for CycloBia will be blocked off to ensure the safety of participants, and all traffic moves in a counter-clockwise direction along the route with pedestrians on the right and cyclists on the left to avoid any accidents.

The event features bicycle routes that connect various city parks. Each park will have a designated Reclovía area which will feature water stations and restrooms (handicap portable restroom available). In the Reclovía area, there will be free group exercise classes, free live music, places to eat, concessions and rest areas. Water stations will be placed along the route, so make sure that you find these stations on the map prior to the event. You will also be able to buy beverages along the route and you are always free to bring your own.

This CycloBia event promises a fantastic opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a car-free and active evening, exploring the city on bicycles. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for March 22, 2024, and join the cycling fun in Brownsville.

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