• April 16, 2024

BTX-Fiber Project

BTX-Fiber Project

The BTX-Fiber project in Brownsville is making significant strides toward providing reliable internet access to residents and businesses.

Work continues on BTX-Fiber and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was recently held at its Demo Center where community members learned more about Lit Fiber and what it will offer to Brownsville residents and businesses.

Brownsville Mayor John Cowen Jr. attended the ceremony saying it was a landmark day for Brownsville.

“It will allow us to level the playing field from a regional perspective, from a state and a national perspective, so I think it is going to open up so many more opportunities for our residents and our businesses,” Cowen said.

As a business owner, Cowen said having reliable internet service is necessary, especially in locations where internet service is not available.

“I have locations in Brownsville that don’t have internet access. I have to use antennas to connect to my main office and I think that creates issues when it comes to reliability. When the wind blows too hard I lose internet and my customers are impacted and that also prevents growth in that area that doesn’t have internet,” Cowen said.

City Manager Helen Ramirez, AICP, said BTX-Fiber will be a significant advancement for Brownsville.

“With the fiber buried approximately 48 inches below ground, it ensures that even during tropical storms or windstorms, connectivity won’t be compromised.”

Lindsay Miller, the chief business officer for Lit Fiber, said fiber optics as the most robust broadband service available today.

The installation of the fiber network continues and employees are working as fast as they can on the project.

“We hope to have service available via last mile really in the foreseeable future and we will be having big announcements when that time comes as well,” Miller said.

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