• June 18, 2024

Bicentennial Hike & Bike Trail Closure

Bicentennial Hike & Bike Trail Closure

As the City of McAllen begins the Main & Jay Drainage Improvement project, the community should be aware that storm infrastructure construction will necessitate the closure of the Bicentennial Hike & Bike Trail from Lark Avenue to Dove Avenue. This closure will affect all pedestrian and cyclist traffic starting on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, and is expected to last approximately one week.

The closure is essential to ensure the safety of the public and the efficiency of the construction work. The project aims to improve the drainage system, which is crucial for managing stormwater and preventing flooding in the area. While this work is underway, we ask that everyone find alternate routes and exercise extreme caution and patience when traveling near the construction zone.

For pedestrians, a detour route has been established along Bicentennial Boulevard. Signage will be in place to guide foot traffic safely around the closed section of the trail. Cyclists are also encouraged to use alternative routes and remain vigilant of their surroundings to avoid any potential hazards.

We understand that this temporary closure may cause inconvenience, but it is a necessary step to enhance our city’s infrastructure and improve overall safety. Your cooperation and understanding during this period are greatly appreciated.

For updates and further information on the project, please stay tuned to the City of McAllen’s official communications. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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