• June 17, 2024

$151.2 Billion Economic Impact Of Military Installations In Texas

$151.2 Billion Economic Impact Of Military Installations In Texas

Office of the Texas Governor | Greg Abbott| Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today announced U.S. military installations in Texas contributed at least $151.2 billion to the Texas economy in 2023 and supported more than 677,022 jobs in communities across the state. The results are based on a study completed by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts at the request of the Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC) analyzing the impact on the state’s economy of military installations within Texas.

“The tradition of military service is long in our great state, and our respect for those who serve is enduring,” said Governor Abbott. “That is why Texas is proud to be home to 15 major U.S. military installations and the Army Futures Command headquarters. Essential to the defense of our nation, each installation also serves as a major local employer and key community partner, adding over $151 billion to Texas’ booming economy and supporting over 677,000 good-paying jobs across our great state. Working together with our military communities throughout the state, we will ensure Texas remains the most welcoming home to the men and women of the greatest military in the world and offers ongoing, unmatched support for their critical missions.”

“These installations are critical to both our national security and to the Texas economy, generating an overall economic output of more than $150 billion,” said Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. “The installations are also vibrant and dynamic partners in the community, supporting not just business and industry but also schools, charities, youth sports and cultural events. The U.S. military and the men and women who serve are a key part of what makes Texas the greatest state in the nation.”

Estimated Contribution of U.S. Military Installations to the Texas Economy, 2023

  • Total direct jobs: 213,176
  • Total employment (direct and indirect jobs): 677,022
  • Economic output: $151,276,591,000

The Comptroller’s study represents an analysis of the economic impact of the population and employees directly affiliated with U.S. military installations in Texas. This includes active duty, visiting, and other military personnel, dependents, civilian employees, and contractors directly affiliated with the base.

The Texas Military Preparedness Commission within the Office of the Governor advises the Governor and the Legislature on defense and military issues and on ways to strengthen the position of Texas military installations in preparation for any future Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). TMPC’s goal is to preserve, protect, expand, and attract new military missions, assets, and installations in Texas. Additionally, the TMPC encourages defense-related businesses to expand or relocate in Texas. The commission is composed of 13 members serving six-year staggered terms, typically representing an installation in their community.

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